You own a business, you are doing well, but perhaps you need a second set of eyes to see what you may not be seeing–being attached to the business, both financially and emotionally. What may be a great approach is having a business consultation to get an in-depth look at your company. Here are reasons why a business consultation should be the next thing you do as a business owner:

A business consultation offers insight into your strengths and weakness

You know how your business is run, but you are only seeing it through the eyes of yourself and potentially those you work with. Having an outside source giving you a consultation can open your eyes to strengths you may not be focusing on and also weaknesses within the company you can fix over time.

Consultations can open your eyes to new ideas you have not thought about

Beyond just looking at what you are currently doing, a business consultation can also give you ideas and opinions on things you can do in the future. Whether it be adding a new product or service to your offerings, scaling back, or creating a new marketing campaign to entice more people to your website.

Business consultations allow you to receive a non-biased opinion on your company

Let’s face it, your company is yours, whether you own it or work for it. So, your opinion may differ due to some invested emotional attachment you have to the company itself. Having an unbiased opinion is a great way to see how the outside world views your business and what you can do to improve and grow your company.

A consultation offers the opportunity to grow based on provided feedback

Growth comes from a willingness to grow, but regardless, a business consultation can be a great way to expand your business because you have allowed someone else to be the one creating new ideas to succeed in your company’s line of work.

Business consultations open you up to the process of constructive criticism

No one likes criticism, but constructive criticism is a great way to grow. Business consultations are not here to knock you down a few pegs but are to inform you of where you can improve so you can actually climb higher and succeed. Hearing some feedback that isn’t truly positive is not something to shy away from, but learn from.

Best Business Practices For a Consultation

  • Listen intently and take notes

Come ready with a pen and paper. Whether the consultation is virtual or in-person, be ready and willing to take down as much information as possible.

  • Create actionable plans for ideas given during the consultation

You will be given many different ideas from your business consultation, but those ideas are just words unless you make an actionable plan.

If the business consultation says a website makeover would really ramp up your business, then write down actionable steps you will need to take to create a better website and a timeframe you want it completed by.

  • Be open to the feedback, even if you do not agree

Feedback does not mean you always have to agree with it, but it helps to be open to the feedback as well and hear the entire consultation out.

  • Offer your own insights to have a fair and balanced conversation

Don’t be afraid to give your own opinions as well during the consultation. This does not mean fight back but offers some insights as to why you do things a certain way and how you feel about how the business is currently run. Sometimes, the back and forth really can create a very well-balanced idea of the business itself from both ends of the conversation.

Interested in a business consultation? Contact Lindsey Meadows of Meadows Resources to set up a time for a one-on-one business consultation to address the needs of your company.

Selecting A Virtual Administration Niche

Virtual Assistants have a wide range of clients to choose from. Everyone can start as a general assistant doing administrative and secretarial services and make a substantial income. Yet, by choosing a niche you can actually attract more clients. No matter which decision you make, you’ll find that the freedom gained from taking control of your career will be both challenging and rewarding. Meadows Resources will help you connect with the type of work that is best for you. Check out this post about What You Can Do As A Virtual as a start. 

First decide what to offer and how your skills will be benefit clients. Who are you really wanting to work with? What are your favorite things to do? Likewise what things do you not enjoy doing? These questions will help you narrow down your expertise and your ideal client. As a result you will set yourself up for success and generate a stable income.

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As a digital agency, you wear many hats and need to complete many different tasks during your day. Whether these tasks are clerical, public relations, marketing, or social media, you are constantly doing different tasks.

The average person cannot do everything themselves and even having an employee or two–or even five, can make it tough to complete everything needed to run an agency smoothly.

Hiring on a virtual assistant is a great way to divvy up overflow work and project work without a need to create more space in your office for a new employee–and all the paperwork involved with on-boarding.

Not convinced yet? Here are ways that hiring a virtual assistant can free up some time and brainpower for you to focus on other tasks you need to complete in your digital agency.

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As a virtual assistant, you will be working with many different clients. Some may have experience working with virtuals and delegating tasks to virtual assistants, but others may be new to the process.

What may occur is that, sometimes, you and your client may not be effectively communicating which then falls into the work not being completed or done correctly. As a virtual assistant, you will need to pick up on these issues and see how you can mitigate it with a client to create a better working relationship.

Below are some of the most common issues virtual assistants deal with when working with clients:

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Reading to start, grow, or redirect your business and work is vital to your success, but if you are anything like me you get to the book store and your brain turns to mush. Then you walk out with a cook book so you just don’t end up looking like an idiot. Its okay it happens to me too. This book list is just to get you kicked off on some powerful business books that can get you to start or get you to the next level. This is a very eclectic mix of old, new, and fun business books. There is something for every budget, reading level, and stage of profession and or business a person could be in. I hope you find something you have never read before and something that will inspire your 2018 going forward.

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You, as a client, felt growing pains in your business and decided to hire a virtual assistant to take on tasks you can no longer handle. While most virtual assistants and clients work well together, there are some common trends among clients as to what tends to happen with virtual assistants who, perhaps, do not mesh well with the client’s business or work needs.

It is important to create a clear and concise contract that both yourself, as the client, and the virtual assistant can agree upon and come back to, but sometimes, there are still some snags that occur.

Below are some common trends among virtual assistants that clients have found to be issues:

VA disappearing without reason

As a virtual, it is an easy to sign onto a position as it is to sign off. Some clients have found that virtual assistants can come and go quite easily based on the virtual portion of the position. You are not required to step into an office to count as a workday, so when the work becomes tougher, or the virtual becomes uninterested, some may leave without notice or explanation.

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Sales funnels may sound like a buzz word in any industry, but they are actually a keep part of virtual assisting success. You may have to seek your first few clients out via job boards, but once you have some clout and background, you want to create a sales funnel so that people who come across your portfolio page or website want to learn more about you and what you can offer.

A sales funnel usually begins with offering a very reduced-rate or free piece of information to grab readers and clients into your email list. From here, you can leverage that information as you please, whether it be getting more people chatting about you as a virtual assistant or reaching out to potential clients on what more you can offer besides the freebie.

Below are tips on how to create a successful sales funnel and niche-specific examples:

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We have spoken about why finding a balance and setting times as a virtual assistant can keep your mind and life a bit more organized.

Skimping on daily routines and your own health can cause consequences down the line but as a virtual, sometimes, you are constantly moving through tasks so quickly that you may not even realize what you are forgetting to do for yourself that day.

One way to truly keep yourself organized is by doing things in advance and picking a set day to accomplish these goals. One particular goal you should have is having your meals ready for the week.

To some, meal prepping can seem daunting, but in reality, it just takes some time to research what you want to eat, taking a trip to the grocery store, and cooking the meals–all which can be done in a day.

The biggest perk is that it takes an entire week’s worth of meals off of your mind, the food is healthy, and you and your family will be happy.

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It is the time of the year full of cheer. You know that time of the year you promised you would finally use your send out card membership to touch base with your friends, family, clients, and employees. Tick, tick, tick. Do you feel the pressure yet?

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As you very well know it is that same time of year again. We have to take the time to reflect on the current year and look forward to the new. Did you have goals going into this new year? Did you follow through on them or quickly forget them? Goal setting can be tricky. It can be down right boring after a few weeks too. There are so many pit falls you can get into with goal planning. Look everyone know they need goals, some of us set them, and very few of those people actually follow through with them. Why?

Almost no one has received any formal training on goal setting. Sure you might have seen a fish chart or a S.M.A.R.T. training sheet, but where those win in organization they fail in the psychology of goal setting. When you boil a goal down regardless of what it is we are trying to attain a different level of “feeling” about ourselves or our organization. You want to make 50% more revenue in 2018. Great, do you know why you want that? Most people would just say so they could make more money or invest back in their business or even buy a boat, but what they are actually setting a goal for is the “feeling” of less stress financially, or more freedom financially. That goal can be achieved in many more ways than just 50% more revenue.

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