Forward Thinking


Hi! My name is Lindsey. I have over ten years’ experience in human resources and recruiting—five of those years in a virtual capacity. I have worked for dozens of industries worldwide in traditional and virtual settings. I started my company because I was in my cubical at work thinking, “Why am I at work when I could be doing the same exact thing from home and spending more time with my kids?” I hit the brick wall of being a working single mother. My kids need me and I need them. If I leave work because my kids are sick then I’m a bad employee and a good mom . . . but if I can’t be there for my kids because I have to work then I am a good employee and a bad mom.

I noticed an expanding trend in the job market toward contract and remote employment. Not wanting to rest on my laurels, I left my traditional job to strike out on my own as a virtual independent contractor. I landed a few clients within a week and quickly noticed a desperate trend: My clients spent countless hours hunting down virtual resources to fill various positions with inconsistent success. Running through various platforms providing independent virtuals, I dealt with the vetting and hiring of multiple resources and learned how to disseminate the good apples from the bad. Possessing the entrepreneurial spirit and having owned two businesses before, I began to formulate an idea knowing the issues small business owners face: lack of time, money, and broad administrative expertise. The benefits of hiring virtual contractors made more sense than that of traditional employees, but the time and energy of finding them was prohibitive. Using my recruiting and human resources background, I created a team of virtuals with various skill sets to provide full back office support to clients under one umbrella.

Assembling a team which covered general administration, human resources, recruiting, writing and editing, web and IT, and bookkeeping, I launched my firm under the moniker Meadows Resources and began to expand on my existing client base. With an emphasis on process and procedure, visibility, and area specific competence, we developed a roster of clients already interested in virtual assistance. Once our initial client base was established, I devised a marketing campaign to highlight the advantages of virtual back office support to businesses and professionals locked into the idea that traditional in-house hiring was the only solution. Highlighting the added efficiency of vitruals and the fact most office work is already done in a virtual capacity (i.e. at a computer on digitally generated files), I am determined to break down the walls traditional brick and mortar businesses erect around themselves.

I not only has a passion for my clients, but for providing work opportunities as well. “When I started I thought, ‘Anyone can do what I do, and I want to give the same opportunity which I have and help others with their work troubles. I am not faster than anyone, smarter, nor better. I want to teach people how to do what I do.’” With an eye toward developing and rural communities, I am putting together online courses to teach anyone who wants to learn how to become a virtual worker. One of my proudest moments was becoming the Community Outreach Chair Member City Board of Chick Tech Houston to promote and encourage technical competencies for girls and women. “Growing up I was discouraged from doing anything technical that was typically seen as a man’s task. I don’t want my kids growing up in the same environment so I’m happy to lend a hand to an organization that supports the development of technical skills for girls.” I have also become the Communications Chair of ABWA-WEWEN Houston Chapter in a further attempt to promote the value of virtual employment to businesses and workers alike.

I set out working in a virtual format as a way to provide myself with more time for my family. I now view it as not only a way to help businesses to become more efficient, but an opportunity to help employ others; those with the same desires I have or those who simply live in areas where these opportunities weren’t previously available.


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