Can I be a Virtual Administrator?


At some point in everyone’s professional career, the desire to be your own boss arises. Fantasies of making your own schedule, controlling how things happen, and not having to run around fulfilling seemingly unreasonable demands and deadlines set in. Why are things done this way when it would be much easier and time effective to do it differently? If I could only be taken seriously when I make a suggestion. Why do others get to make so much more when I put in the hard work? I’m tired of others getting recognized and rewarded for my ideas. The commute to work alone can often ruin your day; the lost time and heavy traffic, the stress of making it in on time when something slows you down, fuel and maintenance for your vehicle. There are uncountable reasons that sap the joy from your day. If I could only . . .

Businesses today are constantly looking to streamline their operations. As employers continually find themselves dealing with more government regulations and roadblocks, a slow economy, and uncertainty in the marketplace, they are realizing that the traditional path to success is increasingly unattainable. The rapid advancement of technology is forcing businesses to be more forward thinking not only in their outreach to customers and consumers, but on the operations side as well. While contract workers have long been used on the labor side of operations, more businesses are discovering that moving toward contractors is highly advantageous with administration as well. No longer will they have to hire on, house, and supply benefits in this area. This has caused a rapid growth in virtual administration.

The appeal to become a virtual administrator is just as great. With little more than a laptop, internet access, and a phone, it can be done. That little more is the skill set to handle administrative work, the confidence and discipline to be your own boss, and the savvy to market yourself. No more commuting, no more being ordered around, no more watching your ideas being hijacked; you call the shots. The person who was once your boss is now your customer.

Before you set off down this path, you have to accept that it won’t be all fun and games. Remaining disciplined and on task without an outside structure can be exceedingly difficult, especially after the initial excitement wears off or a set-back occurs. Setting up a routine and strictly sticking to it is one of many, various ways to stay on task, but the discipline to do so has to come from you. Another realization which will occur is customers can be just as demanding, if not more demanding, than bosses. Sure, if you believe demands are unreasonable, you can terminate the relationship; but you must be conscious of affects to your reputation, as your reputation is your primary selling point as a virtual administrator. The most important item to consider is instantly replacing a full time income not likely. It takes some time to build that precious reputation and a client base; you must be prepared for some lean times, especially in the beginning.

If being a virtual administrator was easy, everyone would do it. It is not and there is risk involved, but the reward of personal freedom and success is something most strive for and never achieve. The question becomes: Is virtual administration the road map to freedom and success for me?


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