How Realtors can utilize a VA


You had an early appointment to talk to a new client, raced to a property for an inspection, and then drove a client around the rest of the day showing them multiple properties. Your day has produced a small mass of paperwork you’ll need to tackle when you get home. You still have a stack of paperwork from earlier in the week. You spend almost as much time prioritizing what paperwork needs to get done and be submitted as you do completing it. There has to be an easier way to get it all accomplished, right? There is: Hire a virtual assistant.

Whether you wish to have time for more showings or reclaim your evenings and spare time, a virtual assistant can help. Every client produces a mound of paperwork: appraisals, inspections, closing documents, title insurance, loan guarantees, etc. A VA can organize and submit documentation for you, as well as adding a second set of eyes to verify everything is filled out fully and correctly. All this can be handled while you’re out and about helping clients, preventing a stack of documentation needing to be addressed when you get home.

What else can a VA help you with? Appointment setting and calendar management. With a simple set of instructions on viewing, answering, and prioritizing emails and even phone calls, along with your availability, a VA can efficiently set up appointments for you and filter pertinent information to you. If you wish to retain handling your emails and phone calls, you can pass along what appointments you wish to set and have your VA do the rest of ground work. This will aid you in getting the most productivity out of your time and potentially give you even more free time.

Reclaiming a better quality of life is a key to happiness and success. Utilizing a VA for your back office needs can get you there. Besides the perks of better time management, more free time, and added efficiency, removing yourself from the doldrums of repetitive paperwork is worth its weight in gold.


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