Virtual Administration Field Growing as an Industry

Only in the last few years has the virtual administration field taken off into the public sphere. While virtual assistants have been around much longer, they were used scarcely and at the discretion of the company.

Now, more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, and the cost-saving of having a virtual assistant.

The opportunities have become far more abundant for careers in virtual administration. Most noteworthy, the change in perception from being a job at home in your PJ’s to a respected industry of professionals.

Beyond just public perception, there are many reasons why the industry is growing and below are just a few.

Accessibility of training

Training has always been available for virtual work, but was most commonly provided by virtual employers only. Now, individuals can be trained independently and come well-equipped to perform the duties of any virtual job.

Meadows VA School offers training for those looking to properly jump into a virtual administration career.

Accessibility of internet connection

Roughly 40% of the population has an internet connection. While that is less than half of the world population, it is still up from years. With the idea of internet accessibility at home has opened the door for more opportunities for virtual assistants. This has led the industry to rise because there are more options for those who may want to work in the industry but did not have an internet connection because now they have the accessibility to virtually assist clients.

Online platforms and services making virtual work easier

We did not have UberConference, Slack, Dropbox, and Google Hangouts years ago, so it was hard to keep track of virtual assistants, how they were doing and delegating tasks to them. Now, these online platforms have made instant professional communication and conferences much easier than before. This opened the doors for virtual assistants to become a more integral part of the team and office culture while not being in office, and allowed businesses to make the switch to offering virtual assistants without the fear of losing track of them and their work.

Easier methods to find work

Newspapers, online ads and Craigslist were the options we had before. Unfortunately, it made virtual work very hard to find amongst all the in-office jobs and no real true way to filter down deep enough to find the virtual assistant position you were looking for. Now, those platforms–along with freelance platforms such as Upwork and Guru are there to help you find work. The original mediums of finding jobs now offer filter or specifically state “remote” or “virtual: due to the growth in the industry and Upwork and Guru are the job boards for virtual work. It has made finding jobs and workers equally as easy and without the deeper research.

Meadows VA School offers free training on how to find work and not have to do too much weeding through the good, bad and ugly of internet job boards.

The virtual assistant field will continue to grow as companies find more positions to outsource to virtual employees. It is a great time to be entering the field.

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