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Two People Kiss Under Words How to Date Like an HR Professional

Why Not HR This Dating Thing

In the interest of total transparency, I have had a boyfriend for the last seven years, but I do remember what it is like to date. When I went through my divorce I had never dated as an adult so I went with what I knew, I dated like an HR professional! I went on dates for more than a year like it was my part-time job. I said yes to anyone and everyone who asked me out, and I applied my professional skills to everyone I dated. It is right or wrong but I like to think it worked out for me, and I am pretty sure if you dated like an HR professional you might not be reading this article. So, hear me out!

I am not saying it is right or wrong but I like to think it worked out for me, and I am pretty sure if you dated like an HR professional you might not be reading this article. So, hear me out!


  1. Make a life partner job description. Keep in mind that this is a long-term contract so you are going to want to find someone with the right qualifications to fill this position. What are you looking for in experience, education, and skill set?


  1. Recruiters network on Linkedin. Recruiters use Linkedin because they know that they can see all of their connections and search them in one place with little or no effort. Facebook is your dating version of Linkedin, so see who you are connected with and network with people to find a new candidate.


  1. If recruiters still needed to find more candidates they go to Zoom, Indeed, and Monster. Dating sites and apps are a life partner recruiting Mecca, use them.


  1. Now that we have gotten onto the dating sites, this is your applicant tracking system. You can message them, set up interviews, follow up with them, and approve or decline the candidates based on their skill set and experience.


  1. Now the fun part starts: phone interviews. You can screen potential matches with a couple of quick texts or phone calls. Put all the pervs and weirdos into the trash and move onto in-person interviews with the top candidates.


  1. This is critical to the hiring process: if they show up late, in the wrong attire, or talk too much about their last boss, kick them to the curb now and thank me later. If they can’t perform at their best in their first interview nothing will ever be better than that, PROMISE.


  1. Schedule a second interview with the top performers. Second interviews are designed to see how they would work with other team members. You want to make sure your candidate can work well with others. Invite him/her to a social outing with their potential teammates. Watch how they interact with them and make sure they pass the smell test. It is important to get the teams feedback right away while it is still fresh on their minds.


  1. Background checks: this is a commonly used practice by all HR professionals. It should not be any different in real life dating. There are just as many frauds out there in the dating world as there are in the professional world. Do your homework before you hire a liability risk. You can do this by meeting with his former employers and or coworkers.


  1. Extend an offer letter to the preferred candidate, i.e. ask them if they want to be exclusive or not. The best candidates will be looking for long term arrangements.

Wrap It Up

Feel free to continue scheduling an interview with as many candidates as you have to until the position is filled. There are plenty of qualified candidates out there that will match your description. It is a numbers game just like recruiting. The more candidates you look at the more qualified candidate you will find. Try to work smart not harder, and don’t be afraid to let them down gently.

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