Organizational Help for Virtual Assistants

Being a virtual assistant means having to work on your own. You will, of course, be given training, direction and help with all tasks, but in terms of your location of work–it will be a home office or area with an internet connection.

With that being said, you will not be in a position where you will be given a desk and have the obligation to keep it clean. Furthermore, you will not have a supervisor around to ensure your work area and computer are kept organized either.

To some, this may seem intimidating and if you are not an organized person it may not come easily to you. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your physical desk and computer (both online and offline) are kept neat and professional for the work you will be handed by your employer.

Google Drive

Google Drive has been a very great asset to both in-office employees, but even more so to virtual assistants. Now, you can easily share documents, make group edits, comment and critique projects and collaborate without all being in the same place. Also, you are able to categorize files, upload, download and keep everything in one location so you are not constantly looking through folders on and offline to find a document or file you need.

Slack and Trello

Slack and Trello have been instrumental in the delegation and organization of projects. While Slack has a greater purpose of being a professional instant messenger of sorts and organizing employees by groups to have private and main conversations, Trello has been the visual board to organizing tasks. Trello gives a group of workers the ability to create updated lists of projects they need to do, are doing or have completed. The organization that comes from grouping people together in Slack and organizing projects in Trello has helped virtual assistants tremendously.

UberConference & Google Hangouts

UberConference and Google Hangouts have organized the conference call. What used to be only available via phone is now digital, organized and can get much more accomplished. You no longer have to interrupt multiple speakers on a phone because you can visually see them speaking and being able to keep all workers–including virtual assistants in one place makes virtual assisting an organized and included part of the company culture, which is a major and welcomed change.

There are many other ways to keep organized, but these are just a few you can use on your own or even suggest as a virtual assistant to your employer to keep organized and a part of the company culture.

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