Starting Virtual Assisting on the Right Foot

Becoming a virtual assistant is a smart move for someone looking to find a rewarding career helping other companies by offering your administrative skills virtually.

What may have been viewed as a job for stay-at-home moms or retirees has now come into the spotlight as being a great career for those young and old, with children or without and can bring just as much respect and happiness from a career as an in-office worker.

Now, the decision to change should not be a light one and should not just be because you want to work from home and you think it’ll be simple work. Just because you are not in office does not mean as a virtual administrator that you will not work hard and have deadlines. You will also not just be sitting around all day as your clients WILL need you.

Below are some tips to ensure your career starts off on the right foot as a virtual assistant.

Do the research of the field

Don’t just read one article that says whether or not being a virtual assistant is amazing. Read through multiple articles, read personal reflections from others about their time as a virtual assistant, reach out to Linkedin job boards for virtual assistants, such as Meadows Resources, and pick their brains or find other social media based virtual assistant groups. Any career change will be a major upheaval of your day to day life, so you want to make sure making this change is something you want to do, feel you will be a good fit for, and ensure you will be putting 100% into it.


Networking with other virtual assistants, companies and anyone else who could be a potential asset to know is great before and during your career switch to a virtual assistant. Being able to connect with others, gain skills from each other and potentially bounce clients from one to another is a great way to stay relevant in the field, connect with others (as you will be working from home), and keep your career always on “go” mode.

Get trained

Needless to say, you will need to get trained to be a virtual assistant. What was once just done through the employer can now be done in a professional setting where you are literally being trained on how to succeed as a virtual assistant. There are programs available, such as through Meadows VA School, to help you become an experienced virtual assistant with the skill set to be a desirable candidate for companies. This will not only set you up for a great first impression with your first virtual assistant job but will set you apart as you continue your journey as a virtual personal assistant.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Ask as many questions as possible from your virtual assistant training program, peers, employer, anyone else that can help you gain the footing to work autonomously over time. You want to make yourself indispensable to your company. Asking a lot of questions, in the beginning, ensures you will not need to ask these questions later on when everyone will have assumed you have learned all you need to know. While the field of virtual administration is always changing, don’t be afraid to continue to ask new questions to make the best of your career.

Ask for more work

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself when starting out as a virtual assistant, but you also don’t want to just dip your toes in the water either. Ask to take on different projects daily, perfect your daily obligations, and learn as much as possible early on. The more you ask to take on (while not wearing yourself out) the more you can learn. Soon, your client will be considering you as the first choice for these projects, could potentially help you stand out in the company for promotional and raise purposes and make you a valuable part of the team.

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