Key Personality Traits for Virtual Assistants

Okay, so you really feel like you can make a go of it as a virtual assistant. You like the idea of working at home because you may be a mother, retiree, or simply looking to leave your office job in search of a bit more freedom.

Luckily, virtual assistant positions offer the freedom to work from your home, a coffee shop, or wherever you can find high-speed internet, a place to sit and work and the ability to take calls in peace.

Now, here is the caveat to it all, you may or may not be best suited for this position after all–even if you want to take part in being a person virtual assistant. This does not mean you will never succeed in the position, you just may have to try a bit harder than others to be able to fulfill all the administrative duties and needs of a virtual assistant.

Below are some of the most successful personality traits that tend to succeed in the business of a virtual assistant position.


This one should come as no surprise, but those who can naturally stay organized will have the easiest time making their way into a virtual assistant position. You are in charge of emails, notes, potential presentations and many other work-related tasks, but if you have no set way to keep everything organized and it one spot, you will run into trouble when asked to hand in your work and being unable to find it in your online folder or simply at your designated work station.

Tools such as Slack, Google Docs & Sheets, and Trello are online platforms to help virtual assistants keep organized. If you are on the cusp of being cluttered but feel you can hone in on your organizational skills, the above platforms could allow you to potentially work as a virtual assistant and for those who naturally are organized, the virtual personal assistant position should come naturally.



You may be thinking to yourself “But, don’t most people who work from home tend to be more introverted?” Well, this is a general assumption and may have some merit, but for virtual assistants, you actually have to be comfortable chatting with people.

You will be in constant contact with your client, may need to be in contact with others they are dealing with via email or phone calls, and need to simply be “on” and ready to talk with whoever needs to be spoken with. This is not the type of position for someone who wants to simply do their work and shut down without having spoken with anyone that day.

Also, extroverts also succeed in at-home work because of their need to socialize. It is easy to fall into isolation when you are introverted, working at home with no desire to go out, whereas extroverted virtual assistant naturally ensure they will not allow themselves to be cut off from human contact.



Unlike traditional office work, virtual assistant positions require autonomous work where you are basically in charge of your success or failure as a virtual personal assistant. A successful assistant needs to be able to wake up, turn on their computer and phone and get to work.

You will not have a boss standing right behind you, which to some may seem intimidating that they are basically “working on their own,” especially if you have always had a boss to walk into and office and ask questions.

This means you may also need to be your own problem solver before reaching out to your client for clarifications. If you are handed something, you need to be able to have the problem-solving skills to alleviate the situation yourself–by researching online or any other form of problem-solving.

If you are unable to self-motivate yourself to do the work and solve the problems yourself, then you may have trouble within the position of a virtual assistant.


Flexibility goes two ways with virtual work, you have the flexibility to work at your own time (as long as the work is done on time), but this also means you have to be flexible with your client as well.

You are no longer working a normal office job with set hours, so one day you may be working a solid ten hours and another you may only need to work four. The virtual assistant position requires you to bob and weave, get work done and be able to be ready to do the work.

Now, does this mean taking away your ability to have “off” hours, no absolutely not, because as humans we need to rest, but this does mean that if you are assigned work from your client, as a virtual assistant you need to be flexible on your end to ensure it gets done. This may mean waking up a bit early or shutting down a bit later–but nothing crazy.

If you do not necessarily fall into the employable personality traits stated above, there are definitely ways in which you can still succeed as a virtual assistant, you just may have to put in a little more work until it eventually comes naturally.

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