Online Best Practices For Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant, you are going to be working with one or multiple companies on a daily basis. This may seem simple enough, but if you do not put forth your best effort as a virtual administrator, you will see quickly that you are either not getting the best clients you can or losing clients because you are not putting the work in on your end to show them what an asset you are to their company.

Meadows VA School compiled a list of Virtual Assistant Best Practices that should be followed to become successful in the industry. Below is a snippet of the four main components of the best practices.


Communicating with you and your clients is a key to success. Without knowing what you may be doing for work on the other end of the computer, a company may believe you aren’t doing the work they asked of you.

Communicating with clients should be discussed before work begins and how many times you should be communicating per day or per week should be established.

Check-ins allow you to check in for any new work you may need to complete and also shows you are taking the initiative to keep your client updated on what you are working on and what you have completed.

Tools & Systems

Researching and implementing virtual tools into your virtual administration work not only saves time but can increase your productivity and ability to work with multiple clients.

Although administrators once survived with a typewriter, pen and paper and great organizational skills, modern virtual assisting come with the tools to streamline your work even more.

Communicating comes easy via Skype, collaborations can happen with Google Drive, and organizing tasks can be done with Trello. All of these tools can be downloaded, added to your phone for on-the-go information and can help you stay organized.

As a virtual assistant, you should always be researching new and updated tools to stay organized and be an asset to your clients.

Process and Procedure

Having a process and procedure on how you will do your work is a great way to stay transparent with your clients so they know what to expect from you but also allows them to jump in and collaborate based on how they know you work.

Every project should be looked at with your own process and how you will complete it. If you like to work on the hardest tasks first and then finish with the smallest, letting your client know that will allow them to know what work to expect first.

This also helps with organizing and delegating tasks on their end because they can let you know what project is the most timely based on how your work process and procedure works.

Having a Google Document with projects on it for both yourself and your client to work off of is a great example of process and procedure. Adding notes about priority, what has been completed and updating with new tasks is a great way to collaborate and present yourself to your client.

Time Management

None of the above can work if you do not have time management skills. Without being able to properly get projects done on time, there is no real need to follow any of the above best practices because you will not succeed in the virtual administrative field.

Learning time management takes exactly that, time. You need to figure out what times of the day you work best, what types of projects or work comes easier and more efficiently to you and plan your work around these types of information.

Are you a morning person? Then plan to sit down and solely work during certain hours that seem to be your most productive time. Take less productive time as a time to simply organize or communicate with your client and then follow this pattern.

Without knowing how to properly position your way to optimize your best work, you will not succeed in the industry as you will be handing in late work which is unprofessional and most likely will cost you the client.

For more information, please visit Meadows VA School website’s training section to check out Virtual Best Practices and other helpful training for virtual assistants.

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