Why It’s Best To Be Trained As a Virtual Assistant


There are many instances when being self-taught can be a cost-saving way of becoming trained in a certain field. While this may work, you may be shortchanging yourself on many different opportunities you may have found putting a little money out to get formally trained. Most times, you do not need to pay thousands of dollars for a college degree and can instead get certified and trained in a field without much money being put out there.

Virtual assisting is a field that is best left to be taught by the professionals. There is much to learn on the subject and you need to be the best you can be with the knowledge to properly conduct yourself in a way that will continue to a lucrative and fulfilling career. Here is why being trained as a virtual assistant is a great career move:

All Information is Located in One Place

Being taught formally in virtual assisting can help keep everything you need to learn organized. What does this mean? Well, you will have learning modules, PDF’s or Powerpoints made available to you that are easily accessible if you are ever in a bind. Most VA School’s offer many workbook pages and other pieces of information that can be kept in the same place.

Meadows VA School’s Best Practices is an organized list of all the best practices for virtual assisting all in one place.

Offers An Opportunity to Ask Questions

When teaching yourself, you have the opportunity to learn an endless amount of knowledge, but what if you have a question? Sometimes, the person who created the module is readily available to chat, but sometimes the module is a few years old and has since been abandoned by the creator.

This is why having a class taught virtual assisting program can be a great investment because you will be able to ask questions throughout the program so you are comfortable once working on your own.

Networking Opportunities

We have spoke about networking on forums, Linkedin and social media platforms, but also VA Schools are a great place to network as well. Perhaps you found a client who needs an extra virtual assistant beyond yourself, so you can network with your cohorts to help them.

The situation can also be reversed where others may help you as well. Asking questions, answering them or offering helpful hints with your fellow virtual assistant trainees can really help grow your connection base and may be helpful beyond your time in training.

Offers a Safety Net for Success

Being a part of a classroom experience is a great way to ensure you do succeed. While no one is going to hold your hand, any virtual assistant program wants to see your career flourish and will give you the tools needed to get to a point where you can succeed. Whether this be one-on-one discussions, networking, continued learning, or just simply people to speak to who know what you may be going through–both good and bad–can help keep you on track to becoming successful in virtual administration.

Virtual administration training can truly make the difference between knowing the basics and getting a well-rounded educational start to a satisfying career.

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