Lindsey Meadows of Meadows Resources Wins 2017 Woman of the Year Award

Lindsey Meadows of Meadows Resources and Meadows VA School has recently been given the honor of the 2017 Woman of the Year award from the American Business Women’s WEWEN chapter.

This award not only encapsulates her as a person and her drive to see others succeed in virtual assisting but also her credentials as a business owner and self-created woman entrepreneur.

With over 10 years experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, and Staffing. Meadows was able to create both a virtual staffing agency to help virtual assistants find work, but also a virtual academy to enrich and teach incoming virtual assistants and clients on how to work well in a virtual platform.

While virtual assisting encompasses both males and females, Meadows has been dedicated to developing female talent in technology, science, and mathematics-based careers–careers in which the female demographic falls far below the males.

What sets Meadows approach apart from other virtual assistant program directors is that she comes from a human resource background, in which she uses qualitative approaches to matching virtual assistants with clients, whereas others use quantitative approaches–simply getting as many virtual assistants placed with as many companies as possible–not taking into account whether they are a good fit or not.

Her personal and successful approach has been tested over the years to a point where Meadows has perfected the art of both the teaching and then placement of virtual assistants. She now has a virtual assisting program proven training and verification processes as well as being the only virtual assisting program with a direct customer care staff and quality control process for both virtual assistants and clients.

Meadows will be awarded Woman of the Year by the AWBA WEWEN at the Junior League by her local chapter in June and hopes that she can continue to share her ABWA story of success so that other women in business can also be able to share in the personal and professional development that brought her so much success.


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