Customer Spotlight Blog Series: Jeffery Tribble Jr. of The MusicianShip

Our Customer Spotlight Series focuses on individuals and companies that have worked and benefited from Meadows Resources Virtual Assistant Team. Below we speak with Jeffery Tribble Jr. of The MusicianShip:

Company and Background

The MusicianShip is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that changes lives by facilitating music lessons, experiences, and opportunities for youth who need us most. We have been vetted and approved by DC Public Schools to be an official After-School Service Provider since 2010—allowing us to provide free-of-charge music programs for many students who would not otherwise have such opportunities. The MusicianShip provides after-school and summer programs, serving approximately 600 students 2017. In addition to our after-school and summer programs, we support two performance troupes, The MusicianShip All-City Marching Band and the Washington Youth Choir. We serve a dual role in the community as educators and mentors—using music as a platform for students to achieve in all areas of life.

Tell us a little about yourself and MusicianShip:

I (Jeffery) grew up on the south side of Chicago and I while I did come from good home, I also saw the environment around me. When I got older I wanted to find a way to get young people of color away from things that plague that environment. I got a music scholarship to go to Howard University in DC and did well in college. Music has always been a part of life and went onto Law School and in my second year founded MusicianShip. I wanted to help young people in different situations like the ones I saw growing up to get educational experiences. We facilitate music lessons, after school programs, summer programs, and have 600 kids this year involved in music programs.

How & When did you discover Meadows Resources?

I discovered Meadows Resources on Upwork. I got candidates to send resumes and cover letters and then spoke with top five or six candidates based on their experience. Lindsey (Meadows Resources) was a clear standout in terms of what she brought to the table and the depth of which she could speak about human resource issues. As a small organization of about 30, it’s necessary for us to have someone who could be a detail-oriented and knowledgeable expert that brought the ability to manage what we think we need but also coach us on what we do need and make suggestions.

What drew you to Meadows Resources when it came to finding reputable virtual assistants & administrators?

What drew me was she was an expert in her field. It’s one thing for me as a small business director to know what I want and communicate to human resource consultant based solely on what I think that I want versus having someone who knows what we NEED based on knowledge of time and cost. We wanted to marry those two ideas because it is the most cost-effective and most efficient way to go over any tasks. Lindsey is focused on cost-saving.

What stood out about Meadows Resources VA’s as compared to other VA’s you can find on other job platforms?

We’ve had three people in this role within a year period–Lindsey being the third. It’s just the experience she has that stands out and equips her with the stomach and time to take on the job. She is all in on and treats it like a true job and not just a side hustle.

What job were you looking to fill?

Human Resources Consultant.

What would you tell someone on the fence of hiring a virtual and what would you tell them about Meadows Resources, Specifically.

We are a 100% virtual organization so everybody is virtual and at remote sites. I think if you are a small business and you are not yet in a place financially or staff volume and it makes sense for you to go with a virtual administrator to help your business needs. It makes sense to invest to serve as Human Resources when you need it and when you don’t you are still financially agile enough.

Our experience (with Meadows Resources) has been seamless. We have had some real HR headaches and challenges prior to Lindsey coming on. It made my life a lot easier and our organization more efficient.

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