Beginning Steps To Blogging as a Virtual Career

What was once looked at as a side project for adult women or where young teens posted their personal thoughts is now a viable career for virtual administrators wanting to create content online by blogging as a virtual career.

Blogging is very versatile, especially now that many companies have realized that content is key and not even just the content itself, but the continued creation of new content to keep the website up-to-date and fresh with new material.

This changing of the tides for blogging has really opened the doors to many virtuals with a skillset in writing crisp and clear copy and has a lucrative pool of potential clients looking to begin and maintain a blog.

Below are reasons why positioning yourself as a virtual blogger can be a very great career choice and also some considerations:

Most companies have websites now with blog capabilities:

Twenty years ago, having a website–albeit a bad one–made you still out from the crowd. These days, having a website is a necessity for people to know who you are and that you are, in fact, a legitimate business.

Most websites are equipt to have a blog on the page and with many realizing that to stand out, they need to sound like an expert in their field, having a blog is where that information can go.

Being a virtual with a knack for writing is a really sweet spot to be in right now because many websites without blogs are now looking to jump into that field and need a virtual assistant to come in, write the blogs, and get the website ready with new material.

Blogging is a very virtual-friendly career

Every project has a timeliness to it. Whether it be due daily, weekly, or monthly, you will have projects coming in and going out.

Luckily, blogging is a very virtual assistant-friendly career because of the fact that you can complete it at any time during the day. While administrative virtual assistants may be picking up calls, bloggers have the ability to lay low, get their work done, and hand it in without much going on in-between. Plus, whether you are a virtual early bird or a virtual night owl, you need not worry about when you work best because it will most likely work out for you to work during your peak performance time.

Blogging can ramp up your portfolio

For aspiring writers who have the skills and lack the portfolio, blogging for companies is a great way to start building that portfolio while still being paid to work. Clips are key to continued and increased success in blogging, whether you start your own or become a writer for many different platforms.

Blogging offers a simple ability to have work published. Whereas, before the internet boom, you had to truly get published to have any clips in your portfolio. Blogging is a great way to start and build your career and as you grow, your clients will grow as well.

A consideration to keep in mind is whether you sign a contract stating you can use the works for your own portfolio. Make sure to read all contracts regarding blogging and only sign if you agree to the terms.

Blogging Considerations:

On the flip side, while blogging has become a career for many virtual assistants, it is still relatively new and many businesses do not know how and where to place a blogger within their payroll. Many come with very deflated prices and at first, it may feel like you should take what you can get, but keep in mind with industry averages and make sure you are working for what you are worth as a virtual blogger.

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