Ideal Clients for Virtual Assistants

When becoming a virtual assistant, you always wonder what clients are going to be out there for you to work for. While you might be looking to create an income working from home, most virtual assistants go into the field because they want to make a difference in a client or company’s business experience. Working with the ideal virtual assistant client can make life and work a lot easier.

While your expertise or niche may be finance, administrative, or another facet of virtual assisting, is there a type of client that may work best for virtual assistants to start out with?

Below are some clients in which virtual assistants seem to work best with and why:

Young businesses (1-2 years old)

A young business may seem like a risk, but there are also some reasons young businesses are great for virtuals.

A starting point is the work can be more calculated because you are working for them at a beginning stage and can actively see how your contributions are helping the company grow. Jumping into as a virtual assistant in a big corporate might make you feel like another cog in the wheel, but seeing measurable growth from your assistance is a great way to gain confidence, experience, and also important statistics to place on your resume for future work.

Businesses with a smaller revenue and employees ($150,000)

Again, smaller revenue may seem bad, but it actually leads to less stress and great growth within the business. Smaller revenue means that those operating the business can focus more on working with you as a virtual assistant to grow instead of number crunching–or having you do the number crunching if the revenue was too large.

Also, there is more room to negotiate your price with a relatively young company with a modest income. Bigger corporations are less likely to budge on prices because they have the paper trail of other employees who came on and base their prices off of those.

Having a small workforce also can create a closer knit group and less money to spread amongst more people–leading to potentially large paychecks between a few individuals, including yourself.

In reality, a smaller and more modest business gives you more flexibility to work with the client to find a pay rate that is acceptable for you both, instead of just them.

Businesses with no central office

When businesses already work virtually, then you starting out with them can be a more seamless approach. Many businesses that have offices are now branching out into hiring virtuals, but do not really understand the industry much and tend to be, at times, more difficult for virtuals to work with.

Having a business that already understands the culture, expectations, and how to delegate to virtual assistants can be a better and more beneficial experience with two understanding parties working together.

Also, virtual businesses all can create a virtual community to work together, whereas companies with a central office tend to alienate virtuals based on the fact that they are not in-office to engage in events and day-to-day office discussions.

In the end, you will know your ideal client, but in general, the above traits tend to be great places for virtual assistants to thrive.

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