How To Attract The Best Virtual Workers As a Client

Clients have the responsibility of deciding to hire a virtual assistant and then following up by looking through applications to find the best virtual assistant for your company. A little-known idea for many companies is that how you position your company will also equate to the type of virtual assistants you have applying.

Offer little to no means for advancement and the tools for success and you may find yourself with virtual assistants applying that also do not want to move up or progress in the company. Whereas, being involved and having your virtual assistants be a direct member of your company culture and give them the means to succeed and you will find your inbox filling up with applications of driven virtual assistants. Below are some tips on how to attract the best virtual assistants for the job:

Be involved in your virtuals success from the start

You are hiring on your virtual assistant, but what are you doing once they sign the contract? As a client, you want to be as involved as you can be in your virtuals success from start to finish. This includes being available for phone calls and video chats to go over processes, providing tutorials when you are not available to help them work through processes and having weekly check-ins to make sure they are succeeding in the position.

This process should not end though but can taper off as the virtual becomes more confident in their work, but there should always be a vested interest in virtual assistants even as they grow within the company.

Create a company culture that promotes an inclusive workplace for virtuals

Being known for your inclusion of virtual assistants in your company is a great way to bring in the best workers to apply for your positions. Virtuals that want to be appreciated and work towards growing within the company will be compelled to apply because they know their worth ethic and drive will pay off and be noticed.

Not providing this key bit of information to the public or not harboring a work culture may simply drive virtual assistants looking for a paycheck and little advancement to apply and that might not be a great fit for your company.

Provide them with the tools for success and direct access to help when needed

Virtual assistants may come in with their knowledge and learned skills in the beginning but you, as the client, should provide them with the tools for success if they are different from what they are bringing to the table.

If you want work done a specific way, then you need to provide that information or if you use a specific platform or app for work purposes, then you need to ensure your virtual assistant knows how to use it and complete tasks properly on it.

Virtual assistants may come in with the skills to complete the tasks, but you need to provide the specifics for them to create success within your company. Beyond that, if a problem arises, they need to know you will be there for assistance. Knowing and providing these two components will bring in virtual assistants that can be assured they will be able to grow and learn within your company and strive for success.

Promote success and continued learning

A great method to attracting the best virtual assistants is to be upfront about your positive views on continued learning. Approaching advancement as a key for success and a way to be rewarded within the company for your advanced skills will attract virtual assistants who may have wanted to continue working towards greater skill sets but cost or the unknown factor as to whether the advanced training will pay off or not hold them back.

Offering rewards or discounts on continued learning or offering to pay for certifications will draw in virtuals wanting to put forth the effort and learn more. Having knowledgeable virtual assistants can allow you to put them on different tasks and expand their task list within your business.

Provide constructive feedback and the ability to improve skills and move up the company ladder

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