Keeping An At-Home Balance as a Virtual Assistant

Working from home can be a wonderful set-up for moms with children, older individuals, or even those still trying to work after an injury or illness.

Not having to go to an office can be a blessing, but sometimes, it can also be detrimental if you are not conscientious about what you are doing daily.

What used to be an organized day can now feel like many different virtual tasks blended into 24 hours without a set start or end time. This can mean laundry goes un-done, exercising no longer has a scheduled part of your day, or you may be slacking on meals.

Virtual assisting does not mean your self-care should go on the backburner–as Meadows VA School promotes–and organizing time either one day a week or daily to prep for your week can ensure your chores are done, exercise and health are taken into account and meals are made. Here are some tips on leveraging self-care and virtual assisting.

Try to plan your own ideal start and end time

This may or may not always work depending on your client’s schedules. But, as a virtual assistant, you are also in charge of who you decide to take on as a client, so taking the work day you wish to have into consideration is key. If you do not want to work past 7 p.m., then taking on a client on the West Coast when you are on the East Coast that also works until 7 p.m. their time won’t work out. Be cognizant of these factors when saying “yes” to potential new clients.

Keeping firm on a start and end time during the day will help establish this boundary with the clients you choose to work with. Placing an away email up when you are not at your computer, only replying to emails within a certain window, and keeping consistent will be key to keeping this balance in life.

Go for a walk or join a fitness class

Fitness and health tend to be an easy toss-away for virtual assistants when they get too deep into work. While doing your work and completing it is fine, not being healthy is not.

Health is key to success and the less healthy you feel than the more run-down, tired, and crummy you will feel. Health also keys into your likelihood of getting sick and while you at least have the luxury of being home while sick, it still is never fun. Keeping active, maintaining a healthy and energetic lifestyle will also power charge your virtual output for your clients.

Assign a day for chores

Consistency is the main concept of many of these areas of self-care and this also comes into play with chores. Sometimes, as virtual assistants, you will try to squeeze in a little time each day to complete chores, but never get to them and they begin to pile up–for weeks.

Assigning your least busy day and taking so many hours out of that day to clean, do laundry, go food shopping, vacuum, or any other chores will help keep your week a bit more organized and guarantee that these chores will get done so you are not backlogged to a point of no return with chores.

It has always been said that a clean workspace is key, so keeping your entire home clean is also key to having a clear mind for virtual administrative work.

Prep your meals for the week

Meal prep seems like a daunting task, but when you think about it, you are taking only a couple of hours out of one day to complete an entire weeks worth of meals. Many meals will even carry over, i.e. if you make a chicken dish for dinner and then use leftover chicken for a side of chicken salad to placed on a garden salad.

Meal prep also keeps your diet healthy because as a virtual assistant, sometimes after a long day, the easiest thing to grab may be the most unhealthy, but having meals already set out for the week guarantees you will have a hearty and healthy meal to enjoy.

If you need meal prep kits, follow the link for Wildtree Meals, which offers great ideas and recipes to try for every kind of dietary restriction or download the Wildtree App at Apple Store or  Google Play. Use referral code G9V6N to start planning your meals today.

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