Taking Control of Your Tasks as a Virtual Assistant or Client

Every job has tasks and as a virtual assistant, or client, you need to be on top of your tasks. Whether it is your job to run the tasks for the client or delegate the tasks to the virtual assistant, there needs to control over your task work.

Control does not just mean being strict about completing the work, it also means staying organized, finding your own way of doing things that are intuitive while still being accurate, and making use of technology to keep you on task.

Below are some suggestions on how to take control of your tasks and succeed as a virtual assistant or client:

Learn how to complete tasks and find your own rhythm

As a virtual assistant, you may be taught a process on how to complete work, but this does not mean point A to point B need to stay the same–as long as the end product is what the client wants. Creating your own rhythm and routine that works best for you can make the work come easier and completion come faster while not eliminating quality. Taking control of projects means completing them correctly, but doing so in a way that best fits your work process.

The same concept can be applied to clients wanting to take control of their own tasks relating to the virtual assisting position. Finding a balance in which yourself and your virtual can work harmoniously through projects with your own work process can be a great way to formulating a symbiotic relationship.

Schedule tasks based on when you work best on them

Both clients and virtual assistants have a concept called an Ultradian Rhythm, which ultimately just means what times of the day do you put the best work out. This is where morning and night people come in. As a virtual assistant, you have the ability to create a work schedule that best fits your needs–within reason. As a virtual, you might write your best work at night and do other tasks better during the day so fitting this information into your daily work will help you take control of your work output.

The key is clients and virtual assistants working around this idea and finding a good middle point where work is completed and handed in at an agreed upon time while both the client and virtual assistant still working on tasks when they best fit their work rhythm.

Offer opinions to client or virtual assistants to collaborate

Collaboration may seem like the opposite of taking control as a virtual or client because you are allowing another opinion into the mix, but multiple opinions are needed in a collaboration.

Collaborating as a virtual assistant and client can be a great way to take control of tasks because you are openly invited to voice opinions. Maybe you have discovered a better way to accomplish a task or the client believes two tasks can actually be formulated into one. These types of ideas can be brought to the table and an open discussion can be hashed out between virtual and client.

This may end up being a greater way to take control of your tasks by bringing all acquired information to the table and presenting processes in a way to reorganize them to fit your work style better.

Use technology to best spread out your tasks and optimize your workflow

A great way to take control of your tasks is to use applications to help organize the work for you. Google calendars can help take away time from planning so you can focus on more important tasks while still staying organized with meetings and other events. Uberconference takes away the need to email back and forth to come up with a time to chat with a client or customer to open up the time to complete other tasks.

Leaning on technology can sometimes be the best way to take control of your tasks because it takes away the mundane pieces of work off your plate so you can focus on the work that matters most for both yourself as a virtual or as a client.

Meadows VA School offers Virtual Best Practices which include different apps and programs you should be using as a virtual assistant and client to create a smoother workflow.

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