Why Clients and Virtual Assistants Should Be on Facebook

It may come as a surprise that being on Facebook as a professional is not always a bad thing. Yes, you have heard horror stories about the employees who posted less than flattering statuses and photos of themselves and ultimately got fired over it. That is a topic for another day, though.

Facebook, for virtuals and clients, can be a great way to disseminate positions, job inquiries, and a place to ask questions and voice concerns. With the availability of Facebook groups specific to virtual assistants and clients, as well as Facebook, being a great place to create a professional profile of yourself that is a little more relaxed than a Linkedin profile, with a great ability to connect with like-minded virtual assistants and the clients who want to hire them.

Here are some reasons why being on Facebook may not be a bad idea for virtuals and clients:

Facebook gains virtuals and clients access to groups and forums to chat with others

Having a Facebook gives you access to many different groups and networks available for virtual assistants on Facebook. Anything from groups specific to virtual assistants where you can ask questions, voice concerns, or look for jobs and even more niche specific to your industry whether it be administrative, social media management, or marketing related. Facebook is a great place to have open discussions with those in industries related to yours and gather others opinions on matters in the virtual assistant sector.

Meadows VA School offers a Facebook page to members to join in on industry-related conversations

Facebook is a place to engage in meaningful conversation

Facebook is a great place to ask questions and get responses. You can ask opinions on a client project to formulating alliances with other virtual assistants out there. You can also offer your own knowledge to those around you or request help if you are stumped on how to go forward with a project or work related issue.

Be mindful, while conversations are great to have, still, user proper Facebook etiquette when it comes to confidentiality.

Facebook offers the ability to post jobs or skills

Any Facebook group can be a great help to virtual assistants seeking employment and clients looking to fill positions with virtual administrators. Many groups offer job boards or simply a place for both virtuals and clients to post open positions or calls for employment on the group’s wall.

Be mindful of employment posts and ensure all are vetted, such as Meadows VA School Job board, to make sure yourself and others are not being scammed by a job posting and same for clients who may be dealing with an unscrupulous virtual assistant.

Facebook is a platform to offer sales funnel for both clients and virtual assistants

Facebook is a great start to test out your sales funnel for both other virtuals or clients as well. Due to the fact that most industry-specific Facebook groups are closed or private, you know the information is kept within a small community of like-minded virtual assistants and clients who work with virtual assistants. Testing out your sales funnel within these groups is a great way to A/B test your opt-in pages, do a Facebook Live event, gather feedback from others who understand your offerings, and also help others out with their own sales funnel.

You may even formulate a connection with another virtual looking to work together with you become of complementary skill sets or find a new client this way.

Facebook is free for virtual assistants and clients

While some platforms may allow you to make a portfolio page or website for free, a Facebook page comes equipt with the layout and setup all ready for you to create a business page about yourself and your offerings. Instead of having your social media and portfolio separate, they are now together in one packaged deal online for people to search your information and ultimately get in touch with you, all within the same platform. Making Facebook a one-stop shop for yourself and your sales funnel is a great approach to a society that spends many of its waking hours online.

Meadows VA School goes over why creating a free Facebook profile is a best practice for virtual assistants.

As long as you abide by the general rules of Facebook and how to conduct yourself in a professional manner, both virtuals and clients can benefit from having a Facebook and access to the groups and people they need to succeed in the industry.

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