Navigating Job Boards As a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, your goal is to acquire clients in which you are both a great fit for each other, the job fits your schedule, and you can sustain-ably work the job in terms of payment. The first step before all of this happens is to navigate job boards as a means to find valuable virtual administration employment.

A job board in any field may be a little intimidating, but as a virtual assistant, you need to ensure you are not only searching for jobs catering to the virtual assistant world but that the job itself is legitimate–as the internet can be a scary place.

Below are tips on how to successfully navigate a job board from your first look to after initial outreach of jobs you apply for:

Know what type of virtual job you are looking to fill as a virtual

Keeping an open mind when searching for virtual assistant positions is a good approach, but not before doing the research on what fields may be best for your skills and interests. Researching different virtual assistant sectors and deciding on what ones interest you the most or are complementary with your experience will allow you to do the complete research on the field you want to work in and come in prepared on what you should be looking for with that position.

Be ready to share your credentials with potential clients

Creating a portfolio page, having an up-to-date Linkedin page, and also putting together a CV or resume is key to successfully navigating any job board. Seeing what different positions are looking for and stacking the positions up next to your experience can be an organized way in choosing what positions to apply for and which ones not to.

This also makes quick responses to job postings much easier if you already have all the information they need nicely packaged and ready to be delivered.

An aside, but if you are looking for positions and see one you may not fit completely, look at your own experience. You may not have one skill they are looking for but compensate with another. Apply anyway, you never know what may happen.

Research industry average in your virtual niche for pay

One portion of any job board you should be keying into is the pay. While pay should not be the only thing driving you to a position, understandably, you also need to pay the bills and want to be compensated fairly. Knowing your industry and doing the research before jumping into the job boards on pay averages will ensure you have the upper-hand when looking at different job postings. If a posting goes far below the industry average, then you can at least have the facts to back yourself up when deciding whether or not to move forward with the job prospecting.

Look for signs of a scam

Some job postings are just too good to be true or a classic bait and switch happen when applying to a job. Checking out the company’s website, understanding industry averages for pay and other pertinent information can help you decipher whether or not a posting is a scam just out to gather your information or take advantage of your skills or if it is a legitimate job posting.

Job boards such as those for Meadows VA School are vetted so that all job posts are legitimate.

Follow-up on any prospects

Job boards are available to allow you to reach out to potential clients but also are a way to create a continued list of contacts. Perhaps you were not a right fit for some client on a job board, but you also have their information through the job posting. Keep the information organized, write down what was said and whether or not they were interested and why. Just because you were not chosen now, does not mean you are ever a definite “no” –unless stated otherwise. Follow-up with the client, continue to check job boards for any new postings from that client, and don’t lose contact.

Becoming a member of Meadows VA Job Board ensures you are receiving quality client leads and a straightforward approach to finding and obtaining valuable virtual administrative work.

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