Goal Setting 2018

As you very well know it is that same time of year again. We have to take the time to reflect on the current year and look forward to the new. Did you have goals going into this new year? Did you follow through on them or quickly forget them? Goal setting can be tricky. It can be down right boring after a few weeks too. There are so many pit falls you can get into with goal planning. Look everyone know they need goals, some of us set them, and very few of those people actually follow through with them. Why?

Almost no one has received any formal training on goal setting. Sure you might have seen a fish chart or a S.M.A.R.T. training sheet, but where those win in organization they fail in the psychology of goal setting. When you boil a goal down regardless of what it is we are trying to attain a different level of “feeling” about ourselves or our organization. You want to make 50% more revenue in 2018. Great, do you know why you want that? Most people would just say so they could make more money or invest back in their business or even buy a boat, but what they are actually setting a goal for is the “feeling” of less stress financially, or more freedom financially. That goal can be achieved in many more ways than just 50% more revenue.

I have been helping everyone from recent college graduates to CEO’s of multi national companies create goals for not only their organization but also for themselves for years. I have found that once we move more into the focus on specific areas that we tend to find more attainable and sustainable goals based on feelings we want to achieve. More so I have found that goals can be a part of our daily lives in a fun and uplifting way. Not the old stand in a room once a year and push some numbers onto the paper routine. The lack of feeling and personal accountability is just not going to go from your brain into that piece of paper. The power is in the feeling and we need to get down to that.

In an effort to raise money for the Hurricane Harvey families that we have been helping since September I am going to give it a go and help you get those crazy goals down and met so that you can experience tremendous growth both personally and professionally in 2018. I want to share with you the how and why that has helped so many of the businesses and individuals I have worked with over the past dozen years in goal setting. Check out our recently posted Goal Getters 2018 Workshop and help us to raise money for the families still effected by Hurricane Harvey. Use coupon code GG2018GetGoals in the shopping cart to get it for half off for a limited time and for limited users. I hope to see you there.

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