It is Holiday Card Season!!

It is the time of the year full of cheer. You know that time of the year you promised you would finally use your send out card membership to touch base with your friends, family, clients, and employees. Tick, tick, tick. Do you feel the pressure yet?

Oh my gosh I have so been there my friend, but one of the things I use to take the damn pressure off is leaning on our virtuals to tie up those loose ends and get some stuff off of my list. Either professional or personal they can get it done. Did you know that our virtuals at Meadows Resources have spend the last month training on all of the updates in the Send Out Card system including their app? They sure have and they are super excited to share that knowledge and skill with you so you can have a hot chocolate and relax instead of stressing out about those holiday cards.

For the month of December we are running a Santa’s Helper special. We can personalize those cards, send out those brownies, and get that special family photo out to everyone you have met and worked with in 2017. Text “Santa’s Little Helper” to 713.352.3748 and we can get that started for you today.

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