Creating A Successful Sales Funnel As a Virtual Assistant

Sales funnels may sound like a buzz word in any industry, but they are actually a keep part of virtual assisting success. You may have to seek your first few clients out via job boards, but once you have some clout and background, you want to create a sales funnel so that people who come across your portfolio page or website want to learn more about you and what you can offer.

A sales funnel usually begins with offering a very reduced-rate or free piece of information to grab readers and clients into your email list. From here, you can leverage that information as you please, whether it be getting more people chatting about you as a virtual assistant or reaching out to potential clients on what more you can offer besides the freebie.

Below are tips on how to create a successful sales funnel and niche-specific examples:

Know your virtual niche and how to leverage it

As a virtual assistant, you need to understand your niche and what kind of clients you are after. Knowing this key bit of information is the first step to providing a sales funnel they are after. If you provide accounting help, but are not providing a sales funnel valuable to clients seeking that information or does not work with their needs, then you are not targeting correctly.

Once you figure out what clients you wish to work with and how you personally can help them with your knowledge, you will then be able to create a sales funnel in the form of an opt-in, white paper, PDF, or other collateral to get them in the door and looking at your information.

Create a portfolio page that directs clients to your sales funnel

A portfolio page can simply compile your work statistics and how you have helped other clients or it can be a full website which includes an About Me, Blog, and also includes a landing page or opt-in for your sales funnel. Having the whole package together can add value to your clients who are looking for a virtual assistant, like yourself, to bring onto their team. Being able to learn more about you, read what you have to say about the industry you work in, and then move to the sales funnel is a great way to lock in a potential client.

An added bonus is working the “buyer’s” journey into your portfolio page or website and leads them from each page to the next by creating buttons that lead them through each portion to the sales funnel where you can get their information and follow-up.

Add value to potential clients lives and create a connection

Adding value in the form of a white paper with industry specific information, creating a video regarding a tutorial for the work you are providing, or offering a free consultation all add value to those looking on your web page and deciding whether or not to work with you. Many virtual assistants make the mistake of not adding a freebie to their sales funnel and may miss out on clients who did not find value in simply their list of achievements and credentials but did not add any other value.

Freebies may seem like you are losing money, but people are looking to see what you know prior to working together and giving them even a little bit of information leads them to your opt-in page or sign-up sheet and having their contact information can lead to a far more valuable relationship and a better ROI.

Sample sales funnels by virtual industry


  • Social Media Virtual Assistant


Creating an infographic for clients about the best times to schedule social media posts throughout the day or an updated informational white paper about the new changes each social media platforms have gone through in the given year could be a beneficial piece of information for clients seeking your services.


  • Public Relations Virtual Consultant


A press release template or tips on how to perfect the perfect pitch email can be a great opt-in for potential clients to receive in their inbox and move forward with on using that freebie to further their own business ventures.


  • Virtual Administrator


A tutorial video on how to keep your files organized or a sample template for a spreadsheet to organize tasks or reports can benefit clients hoping to add a knowledgeable virtual administrator to their team who can provide organization and quality skills to their team.

For more information on sales funnels, visit Meadows VA School to learn how as a virtual, you can create a sales funnel for yourself.

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