How Virtual Assistants Can Help Digital Agencies

As a digital agency, you wear many hats and need to complete many different tasks during your day. Whether these tasks are clerical, public relations, marketing, or social media, you are constantly doing different tasks.

The average person cannot do everything themselves and even having an employee or two–or even five, can make it tough to complete everything needed to run an agency smoothly.

Hiring on a virtual assistant is a great way to divvy up overflow work and project work without a need to create more space in your office for a new employee–and all the paperwork involved with on-boarding.

Not convinced yet? Here are ways that hiring a virtual assistant can free up some time and brainpower for you to focus on other tasks you need to complete in your digital agency.

VA’s can take on overflow work

Sometimes, you end up with more work than you can handle. It can range from simple clerical upkeep to major projects, but the issue is that you cannot handle all of it on your own.

Hiring on a virtual assistant will allow you to have an extra person on hand for when these types of situations occur. Being able to easily explain and delegate a project to a virtual assistant is a great way to open up more time for other tasks you need to complete for your digital agency. It is highly recommended that you already have someone in place for this work prior to reaching your maximum capacity with work. A new virtual resource will need time, training, and your coaching to be a part of your team in the beginning.

VA’s can help with project-based needs based on their niche

Projects may begin to come in and hiring a virtual assistant that has an expertise in a certain niche can be a great asset to have. Perhaps, you are a digital public relations agency, and you need to be able to create a media kit for one of your clients. Having a virtual assistant with expertise in this specific task may be a great way to consistently be able to get these major projects completed.

This specific skill set a virtual assistant may have can allow your time and other employees to devote to your own specific expertise and have a well-rounded digital agency that covers all the important components of the field. Make sure to hire virtuals who have great references and certifications or education along with experience in this specific niche that you are hiring for.

VA’s can take on clerical work

Perhaps, the tasks you need completed are simply keeping yourself organized, bookkeeping, and other tasks that fall under clerical. This is a great opportunity to hire a virtual assistant to help with these tasks.

An organized business and one that is consistently keeping up with all the upkeep, be it social, website-related, or organizational, can keep your company afloat without much stress. You will know that your businesses Facebook is being updated, contracts are being filed properly and that your website is up-to-date and error-free. It is recommended that you hire for administrative work that is non-revenue generating, you don’t have the time, or skill for. Typically these duties are Financial, IT, and HR or Recruiting related. Once you have these areas covered by expert VA’s you can focus on real revenue generating work duties to increase the overall health and performance of your agency.

VA’s offer no added overhead cost

The best part of how a virtual assistant can help with your business needs is that their position will not add much more paperwork and costs to your business.

When hiring on new employees, there is a lot of paperwork, time, and energy taken on to get them set up in-office and ready to go. Virtual assistants do not require this process and instead take work off of your plate instead of adding work on. Not having the overhead of an in-office employee makes virtual assistants a great and hassle-free addition to your company culture and team.

A virtual assistant is the obvious choice when you are feeling the growing pains of a growing digital agency. Meadows VA School and Meadows Resources both prepare and teach virtual assistants the skills needed to fulfill the needs of agencies looking for a virtual assistant.

If you are looking for a virtual to help you in your digital agency schedule a FREE Discovery Call with us so we can learn more about you and your business.

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