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At Meadows VA School, not only are we wanting your career as a virtual assistant to run seamlessly with your clients, but we also want your life to be as seamless as well.

Making sure you are taking care of yourself at home is one of the goals at Meadows VA School, which is to create the life and career you have always wanted.

One part of your life you should never skimp on is feeding yourself a wholesome and healthy meal after a day’s work as a virtual assistant, which is why we created the “Recipe of the Month” series to spotlight a recipe we find that is quick to make, healthy & delicious so that you are enjoying your meals while working as a virtual assistant:

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Working from home can be a wonderful set-up for moms with children, older individuals, or even those still trying to work after an injury or illness.

Not having to go to an office can be a blessing, but sometimes, it can also be detrimental if you are not conscientious about what you are doing daily.

What used to be an organized day can now feel like many different virtual tasks blended into 24 hours without a set start or end time. This can mean laundry goes un-done, exercising no longer has a scheduled part of your day, or you may be slacking on meals.

Virtual assisting does not mean your self-care should go on the backburner–as Meadows VA School promotes–and organizing time either one day a week or daily to prep for your week can ensure your chores are done, exercise and health are taken into account and meals are made. Here are some tips on leveraging self-care and virtual assisting.

Try to plan your own ideal start and end time

This may or may not always work depending on your client’s schedules. But, as a virtual assistant, you are also in charge of who you decide to take on as a client, so taking the work day you wish to have into consideration is key. If you do not want to work past 7 p.m., then taking on a client on the West Coast when you are on the East Coast that also works until 7 p.m. their time won’t work out. Be cognizant of these factors when saying “yes” to potential new clients.

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Our Virtual Assistant Spotlight Series focuses on members of Meadows Resources Virtual Assistant Team and how they came to decide a career in virtual administration was the best fit for them. Below we speak with Jasmine Adams:

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Social media has become a standard means of communication and connection in our everyday lives. It allows us to connect, build communities and band together for just about everything. This proved to be exceptionally true during Hurricane Harvey. This catastrophic storm decimated the Texas gulf coast from Corpus Christi to the Texas/Louisiana border. Houston became one of the hardest hit areas when the city and its surrounding areas were flooded with rainfall amounts ranging from twenty to fifty inches in just a few days, turning this city into an underwater nightmare. People were forced to evacuate their homes and be taken to safety in boats and helicopters. After the storm finally moved out and left a wake of destruction behind, and the cleanup had to begin. Homes were destroyed, lives were ruined and in some horrible situations – lost. But, in the midst of this, people from Houston as well as from all over the United States showed the spirit of compassion.

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One of the biggest draws of virtual assisting is the ability to work from wherever you would like. While many immediately think of the day to day idea of working remotely, there is also the situational events such as taking a vacation as a virtual assistant that may be a new experience for virtual administrators. 

Virtual assisting and vacations have been a major discussion as more people jump into the realm of virtual administration as a job. Now you no longer are bound to a 9-5 job and have to wait to request vacation days to go elsewhere in the world.

On the flip side, how do you approach going on vacation as a virtual assistant and what considerations should be made? There are many different ways to look at vacations as a virtual but here is a look at the arguments of working vs. shutting down while on vacation and how both should be approached.

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Different fields may give different benefits based on your work and what company you work for. Some people find 401K’s and health insurance to be perks, others find two weeks paid vacation to be a perk.

For many virtual assistants, the perks do not come in the tangible form of vacation or a savings plan, but in the idea of being free from an office and free to come and go–as long as the work is being done. The freedom is whatever you make of it, whether it be working out of a coffee shop every day or being able to wear comfy pants while you work. Below are some of the main reasons many enter the field of virtual assisting and some virtual assistant perks.

Working From Home

Working from home is a major benefit to those who work as virtual administrators. You can roll out of bed, jump on the computer and sit with a cup of coffee and no one would know the difference.

This lifestyle works very well for women who want to be a stay-at-home mom, those who may have a disability that prevents them from commuting or even college students who want to start a meaningful career but do not have the time to go into an office.

Anyone needing a little bit of freedom from the 9-5 rat race can truly benefit from the idea of working from home. You save money on your commute, you do not need an entire wardrobe of office clothes and you can be around those you love a bit more if they are also home with you.

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Our Virtual Assistant Spotlight Series focuses on members of Meadows Resources Virtual Assistant Team and how they came to decide a career in virtual administration was the best fit for them. Below we speak with Eryn Stanmore:

When did you decide you wanted to be a virtual assistant and what made you consider the change?

I thought about becoming a virtual assistant for a while. I took a leap after having been fed up with Corporate America. Not getting things such as a raise or appreciation for my work, nothing was aligning at my job.

I already had a handful of clients I was working on freelance work on the side. The transition was fluid and I knew it would give me more freedom. I am a single mom with small kids and want to be with them but also need to work. I realized I am doing better on the side and Corporate America’s demands were high so I took a leap.

Now I can be right here and can be attentive to my children. I can make my schedule and do my own time management. If I have free time at night and want to spend time with my kids, I can just work later. I am in complete control of my life, which is why the change was needed.

Did your career background and experience fit into the general realm of virtual assistant work or was this a complete change in career?

It’s the same experience. I do virtual accounting and bookkeeping, but also have a Bachelor and Masters degree in Accounting and that was the work I did in Corporate America. I was able to get my client base up with people my age who are setting up businesses left and right. They don’t know if they need an Accountant or bookkeeper, but when they realize they do, then they come to me.

It all definitely aligned because I have been doing the same thing for years, but now it’s more exciting because I am doing different work for different clients instead of the same work for one client.

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