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It may come as a surprise that being on Facebook as a professional is not always a bad thing. Yes, you have heard horror stories about the employees who posted less than flattering statuses and photos of themselves and ultimately got fired over it. That is a topic for another day, though.

Facebook, for virtuals and clients, can be a great way to disseminate positions, job inquiries, and a place to ask questions and voice concerns. With the availability of Facebook groups specific to virtual assistants and clients, as well as Facebook, being a great place to create a professional profile of yourself that is a little more relaxed than a Linkedin profile, with a great ability to connect with like-minded virtual assistants and the clients who want to hire them.

Here are some reasons why being on Facebook may not be a bad idea for virtuals and clients:

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In recent years there has been an uptick or greater acceptance of virtual remote workers in the workforce and virtual assistant trends have shown there to be an uptick in the industry.

Companies are realizing the cost-cutting benefits of virtual assistants being delegated work while not necessarily working in-office with them, saving overhead costs of typical in-office employee costs (desks, computers, supplies, etc). They also offer the benefit of companies being able to complete twice as much work–now having virtual assistants being able to take on the work that is not able to get done by those in-office.

2017 has so far been a big year in the virtual world, with artificial intelligence such as Amazon Echo’s Alexa coming to the forefront, but luckily, there is simply no replacing human virtual assistants, as they can offer. Below are some new predicted trends coming to the virtual assistant workforce in 2017.

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Only in the last few years has the virtual administration field taken off into the public sphere. While virtual assistants have been around much longer, they were used scarcely and at the discretion of the company.

Now, more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, and the cost-saving of having a virtual assistant.

The opportunities have become far more abundant for careers in virtual administration. Most noteworthy, the change in perception from being a job at home in your PJ’s to a respected industry of professionals.

Beyond just public perception, there are many reasons why the industry is growing and below are just a few.

Accessibility of training

Training has always been available for virtual work, but was most commonly provided by virtual employers only. Now, individuals can be trained independently and come well-equipped to perform the duties of any virtual job.

Meadows VA School offers training for those looking to properly jump into a virtual administration career.

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Home Business Ideas: Virtual Administration

Home Business Ideas

For professionals wanting a flexible schedule, or someone looking to make extra money, a home based business is appealing. With so many home business ideas out there, how do you choose one? Most of them require not only selling and marketing a product, but the purchase of the product before hand. You may not be a natural salesmen or marketers, let alone a versed logistical shipping experts. These skills can be learned, but if you don’t find them as a natural fit, then success will be hard. You have to believe in the product you’re selling and marketing, which is much different than merely liking it.

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