Facebook for Virtuals

Listen, Facebook is where it is at for virtual work. No one and I mean no one is searching the web looking for business pages to read and purchase from. Facebook has over 17 million daily users that visit their site on their phones and computers twelve times a day who are looking for things to read and purchase. Please don’t spend any money up front building a website. Instead start with a FREE Facebook page to start your virtual career.

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As a Meadows VA School Member you will have full access to our online learning bank, private group video conferences, live training, private Facebook Group for Members, Private Job Board for Members, and access to all of our swipe files, templates, and many many more learning tools.

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In order to be most flexible for our learners we offer individual course selection. We do recommend if you are going to take more than one course that you sign up for the monthly membership to get the most bang for your buck.