Hire virtual assistants versus full-time employees? is a question that more and more businesses are asking themselves. What often chases away business from the idea of outsourcing a personal virtual assistant is the tradition of on-site employees and the “sticker price.” Businesses often feel like they are succeeding when they can point to an every expanding roster of employees as a sign of growth. What that really shows is the growth of overhead and the commitment of resources to things that are not involved in producing and promoting their product. The hidden costs of on-site employees

What that really shows is the growth of overhead and the commitment of resources to things that are not involved in producing and promoting their product. The hidden costs of on-site employees are far greater than a business might expect. Office space, furniture, equipment, utilities, benefits, PTO, breaks, unproductive time, etc., are many but not all the costs involved in providing for an on-site employee. Add human resource needs to the mix, liabilities, and the current procedures necessary in letting someone go if they are not working out and we can see it’s not an apples to apples comparison. Continue Reading

person running on subway platform for virtual assistant blog photoYou are either looking at hiring a virtual assistant or have just done so but you haven’t utilized an employee or contractor through an exclusively virtual format. How do you manage them?

We will examine some best practices on how to proceed through the unfamiliar territory of virtual assistant services. The keys are the same as applied to traditional employees: communication, organization, process and procedure. Continue Reading

Only in the last few years has the virtual administration field taken off into the public sphere. While virtual assistants have been around much longer, they were used scarcely and at the discretion of the company.

Now, it seems more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant and see where the field is going, what can be done with the use of virtual assistants, and the cost-saving perks of having a virtual assistant.

The opportunities have become far more abundant for careers in virtual administration and simply the change in perception from just being a job sitting at home in your PJ’s to a respected industry have carved the way for individuals to thrive in the position.

Beyond just public perception, there are many reasons why the industry is growing and below are just a few.

Accessibility of training

There has always been the ability to train to be a virtual assistant, but most training is simply done through the company outsourcing the position. Now, individuals are able to be trained in all aspects of the field and already come well-equipped to perform the duties of a virtual assistant with extensive training and experience.

Meadows VA School offers training for those looking to properly jump into a virtual administration career.

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Brutal Honesty Video Interview Advice
Brutal Honesty from a Career Recruiter about Your Video Interview

Oh, we like you! We really, really do! That is why we called you and scheduled a video interview. Too bad you are in your PJ’s and we can see your mom’s house hasn’t been updated since the 70’s. No, we will call you! You don’t have to call us. Bye-bye candidate! Need a little video interview advice? Better luck next time.

If you have ever had a bad video interview experience don’t feel alone, so have I. Nothing in my past professional experience really prepared me for what I saw when I video interviewed you the other day. Here is some video interview advice to ensure your next video interview a little better. Continue Reading

Brutally Honest Resume Advice from a Career Recruiter
Brutally Honest Resume Advice from a Career Recruiter

Let’s face it, you have a bad resume. It’s okay; you threw it together one evening after too many drinks with little to no training on how writing a resume should be done and have received no prior resume advice. The hiring managers and recruiters rarely contact you back when you submit it and you have no earthly idea why you are not getting called in for an interview.

Your resume sucks, that is why you are not getting any love from the hiring manager—just being honest. Worse off, it sucks so bad that no one has the heart to tell you, which puts you at a disadvantage. As a human resources professional, with over ten years of experience recruiting for over a dozen industries both public and private, I have seen some badly written resumes.

An example includes one epic twelve-page cover letter that detailed every sordid detail of one applicant’s whole life story. It was riveting to read, but he didn’t get the job. I did, however, let him know gently that he was not what we were looking for, but that he should pursue a career in writing, I hope he did. If you want to know why you are not getting any calls back, I am about to set you straight on resume etiquette and give some resume advice. Continue Reading

For stay-at-home moms, professionals looking for a more flexible schedule, or someone just looking to make a bit of extra money, the idea of work-at-home job is appealing on many levels. There are many home business ideas out there, but most are based on sales. They require not only selling and marketing a product, but the purchase of the product before you can even sell it. Many of us are not natural salesmen and marketers, let alone versed in the economic planning needed to purchase and then turn profit on a product with regular efficiency. These skills can be learned, but if you don’t find them as a natural fit, then the chances of sticking with it sharply decrease. You have to believe in the product you’re selling and marketing, which is much different than merely liking it. Believing in a product requires an understanding of the philosophy behind it, the culture of who’s producing it, the target audience, and the process of how it is made. Luckily, the revolution of virtual administration gives you a product that you do believe in, yourself. You know exactly the amount of effort you’ve put into the acquisition of your skill-set, what you’re about, and what you have to offer.

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You had an early appointment to talk to a new client, raced to a property for an inspection, and then drove a client around the rest of the day showing them multiple properties. Your day has produced a small mass of paperwork you’ll need to tackle when you get home. You still have a stack of paperwork from earlier in the week. You spend almost as much time prioritizing what paperwork needs to get done and be submitted as you do completing it. There has to be an easier way to get it all accomplished, right? There is: Hire a virtual assistant.

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Join us for our weekly Coffee Cup call. The first week in March we will be talking about what you can do as a virtual administrator. We hope to see you there. To RSVP your space please visit Eventbright.

Please join me at the KNOW Seminar on March 9th, 2017 at 8:30 AM in League City Texas. We will be discussing virtual as an industry and how it is effecting the current job and labor markets. Please RSVP to jane@leaguecitychamber.com I hope to see you then!


At some point in everyone’s professional career, the desire to be your own boss arises. Fantasies of making your own schedule, controlling how things happen, and not having to run around fulfilling seemingly unreasonable demands and deadlines set in. Why are things done this way when it would be much easier and time effective to do it differently? If I could only be taken seriously when I make a suggestion. Why do others get to make so much more when I put in the hard work? I’m tired of others getting recognized and rewarded for my ideas. The commute to work alone can often ruin your day; the lost time and heavy traffic, the stress of making it in on time when something slows you down, fuel and maintenance for your vehicle. There are uncountable reasons that sap the joy from your day. If I could only . . .

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