Do You Have Work At Home Blues

Working from home can leave those of use with the work at home blues. Anyone would miss the social interaction of being able to talk to co workers or even just leave the house; and that’s perfectly natural. It is common to feel sad, lonely or develop a form of depression. We have a few suggestions on how beat the work from home blues.

Tips To Beat The Blues:

  • Set specific hours you work
  • Especially make sure to take breaks often (at least every hour). Rather than working the whole day without stopping.
  • Organize your day and week to the best of your ability
  • Only check emails a certain number of times a day or at certain times (to allow yourself time to get other tasks completed)
  • Let family and friends know your schedule (like you would in a ‘typical office job’)
  • Be active throughout the day if possible (walks on lunch hour, yoga at desk for a few minutes, etc.)
  • Always get outside when the opportunity allows
  • Set a task to-do list to help your day be structured and reduce the risk of straying on tasks. Most of all allow room for variance in case of big projects, something taking more time than anticipated or unexpected tasks
  • Write a list of your out of work chores and errands to help you stay focused on work and not struggle to remember after work is over
  • Get social, this will be key to helping
    • Networking events, volunteering, talking to family or friends during work-day on breaks or lunches. Clients count as being social but clients may not need to talk to you every day. Also, they may not want to talk about personal matters with you. 
    • Being social throughout the day will prevent being stressed out, later on, or feeling lonely. Or cause you to ‘over talk’ to your loved ones in the evening.
  • Having a designated work space to alleviate getting stressed, upset or overwhelmed when not working and being in or seeing that space while not working
  • Music, radio can be good for background noise without being too distracting. Having a TV on can be good for noise as well.
  • Get up every hour (even if it’s to get water and go to the bathroom), stepping away from your desk will help your mindset tremendously.
  • Meet with local clients in person
  • Focus on why you love what you’re doing and that you’re doing the job you love
  • Write down negative thoughts and put them in a jar or shoebox. Then let that be the one place you allow negativity so it doesn’t get in your way (like the happiness jar, just the opposite)
  • Go out to lunch once in awhile (packing lunch to the park would work)
  • Change scenery up
  • Dress for the job you have. You don’t have to work in pajamas or leggings if you don’t want; even one day a week could make a huge difference.

Work Out A Plan

Navigating through the process of working from home is a path we take individually. In Conclusion, facing work from home blues is something virtual workers have faced and there are ways to overcome them. Looking for more tips on how to beat the work from home blues? Pinterest has a few to look into.

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Join us for our weekly Coffee Cup call. The first week in March we will be talking about what you can do as a virtual administrator. We hope to see you there. To RSVP your space please visit Eventbright.

Please join me at the KNOW Seminar on March 9th, 2017 at 8:30 AM in League City Texas. We will be discussing virtual as an industry and how it is effecting the current job and labor markets. Please RSVP to I hope to see you then!


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