We have spoken about why finding a balance and setting times as a virtual assistant can keep your mind and life a bit more organized.

Skimping on daily routines and your own health can cause consequences down the line but as a virtual, sometimes, you are constantly moving through tasks so quickly that you may not even realize what you are forgetting to do for yourself that day.

One way to truly keep yourself organized is by doing things in advance and picking a set day to accomplish these goals. One particular goal you should have is having your meals ready for the week.

To some, meal prepping can seem daunting, but in reality, it just takes some time to research what you want to eat, taking a trip to the grocery store, and cooking the meals–all which can be done in a day.

The biggest perk is that it takes an entire week’s worth of meals off of your mind, the food is healthy, and you and your family will be happy.

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At Meadows VA School, not only are we wanting your career as a virtual assistant to run seamlessly with your clients, but we also want your life to be as seamless as well.

Making sure you are taking care of yourself at home is one of the goals at Meadows VA School, which is to create the life and career you have always wanted.

One part of your life you should never skimp on is feeding yourself a wholesome and healthy meal after a day’s work as a virtual assistant, which is why we created the “Recipe of the Month” series to spotlight a recipe we find that is quick to make, healthy & delicious so that you are enjoying your meals while working as a virtual assistant:

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