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Are you considering getting into the field of virtual administration or are you a company looking to hire a virtual assistant for the first time–or find a new hire for an established virtual team?

Virtual assisting is a relatively new field coming from the expansion of the capabilities one can perform over the internet.

While there are different virtual assisting programs to give individuals the beginner skills to go out and find work, Meadows Resources differs from the competition as a virtual assistant agency in the direct one-on-one guidance they give to students and how that carries over to those looking to hire a reputable virtual assistant.

Trained and Vetted Resources

What does this mean? Meadows Resources ensures that the resources, or virtual assistants, they have trained and offer employment placement are the best of the bunch. They are extensively trained in the subjects regarding virtual administration and have completed training while showing they have the ability to be an asset to any company looking to hire a virtual assistant. This ensures quality on both ends, in the training and the subsequent work done after completion of training.

Background Checks

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are still places where virtual assistants are not background checked nor are the clients given to the virtual assistants. Without this information, there could be trouble, but Meadows Resources ensures all who take part in virtual assisting, on both ends, are background checked and pass with flying colors.

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